Latest changes

2019-02-27, Version 1.8

  • Heatmaps: use any available cost type to color your Treemap and Callgraph
  • Mix & Match: combine 3 different cost types to construct a Callgraph
  • The Callgraph now supports more shape types.
  • Increase readability by selecting a unit for the cost. eg KB, MB, for the Memory cost type
  • Some minor optimizations

2018-11-26, Version 1.7

  • More fixes to Mojave Dark Mode. The UI resizing behaviour was also optimised.

2018-10-19, Version 1.6

  • This release brings fixes to Mojave Dark Mode and to printing
  • You can now print and export reports with big callgraphs too.

2018-04-03, Version 1.5

  • This release brings printable reports with callgraph and treemap
  • You can also export the reports as PDF.

2018-01-08, Version 1.4

  • New application icon
  • fixed: the ruler of the source viewer did become occasionally too narrow
  • fixed: the progress bar did not always close after the loading was cancelled

2017-06-14, Version 1.3

  • Added support for callgrind files generated with gperftools-pprof

2017-05-27, Version 1.2

  • Added Callgraph view:
    • Zoomable and supports trackpad gestures like zoom in, zoom out, smart zoom
    • Represents call costs by the thickness of connections
    • Its complexity can be reduced by hiding functions with cost below a customizable preset
  • Added an open dialog which appears automatically after the App is started. (It can be disabled in the preferences)
  • Minor bugfixes

2016-02-24, Version 1.1

  • When opening files via the command line, the previously configured security bookmarks will be used
  • improved the workflow of adding source mapping bookmarks
  • other minor improvements

2016-02-12, Version 1.0

Initial release